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I am very excited to bring to you the new and hottest trend in nails ready to change the entire beauty market! 

Ink'D Up Nails is a patented formula that allows you to transfer full color images from paper perfectly to your nails.

                                    Forget the stickers, nail sizing‚Äč, files and heat!

They are no longer needed with Ink'D Up Nails! 

The design possibilities are endless! Not only can you choose from a vast library of designs, you can upload your own designs and images and we will send them out to you! 

If you could do away with the limitations of stickers, what would you design?!

Want to promote your other company? YOU CAN DO THAT!

Want to put personal designs to celebrate the season? YOU CAN DO THAT!

Want pictures of your family on your nails? YOU CAN DO THAT TOO! 

Don't pay outrageous design fees at your nail salon, switch to Ink'D Up Nails and you can create the most fabulous nail designs you could ever think of!

Visit today to get your